Shelley Hiegel – Antiracism Mastermind Participant

I woke up this morning anticipating another inspirational discussion on my journey toward antiracism and realized that our workshop was over, but my transformation was just beginning. This transformational journey will be ingrained in my head, heart and soul as my realization today is the recognition of the work ahead of me. I was ready and willing to begin the work of antiracism but Anita Russell was the spark and guide.

Anita’s approach for this workshop was one that provided accurate information and resources, sensitivity training and support as she gently, yet directly challenged some of my ingrained beliefs. She provided a safe space for me and other members of the group for this self exploration. I loved Anita’s theme throughout the eight weeks which was we each need to take personal responsibility about what happens next and decide own our role in the goal of antiracism. I was able to feel comfortable and challenged due to Anita’s experiential approach, her skill, training and engaging leadership. I am a fan!

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