Joanne Riley – Antiracism Mastermind Participant

Attending Anita’s workshop was a life changer for me. I realized while attending the sessions and reading the powerful resource material provided, that just saying I am anti racist is not being anti racist. I learned so much about the history of black people and how racist beliefs and structures are pervasive in all aspects of out lives from education to housing to health care, and how institutional policies were developed over time to support racism. I learned how being quiet and living the life of a privileged white woman is not helping my black family members and black friends.

I need to be more active in their lives and help tear down those beliefs and structures and support policy change. I need to speak up and openly support them, and since attending Anita’s workshops, I have. I was also so impressed with how Anita spoke and lead our discussions. She didn’t present with anger or resentment or judgement. She spoke with kindness, understanding, confidence, and grace. You are truly a remarkable person Anita and I appreciate you.

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