To Hire Or Not to Hire a Life Coach

Good things are happening at SOAR Coaching Academy. As a grassroots life coach and change cultivator, I absolutely love what I do! Yet I know that life coaching is not for everybody.

While there are plenty of reasons to hire a life coach, there are also several reasons NOT to hire a life coach.

Don’t hire a life coach if you are a person who. . . .

  • Wants to be told what to do.
  • Is already living your best life, satisfied with where you are, or see no room for improvement.
  • Hates change.
  • Does not want to manage or improve your relationships.
  • Needs/wants therapy or counseling.
  • Do not see life coaching as a worthwhile investment of time, resource, money, and willingness to do the work.

On the other hand, hiring a coach can help you to…

  • Define, vision, purpose and action.
  • Turn potential energy into kinetic action.
  • Gain clarity and keep your focus.
  • Adopt an attitude of personal accountability/responsibility.
  • Save you time and wasted effort.
  • Increase your confidence and motivation.
  • Develop a growth/benefit mindset.
  • Nurture, grow and empower your life.
  • Improve your leadership skills.
  • Boost your overall wellbeing.

Why I Use Appreciative Coaching in My Coaching Practice

Are you ready for surprise and adventure? Are you ready to delve in redesigning your life through coaching at the SOAR Coaching Academy? Watch as Sara Orem introduces appreciative coaching, one of three prongs that form the foundation of my coaching approach at SOAR Coaching Academy. The other two prongs are Strength-based Coaching and Living On-PAR (Personal Accountability and Responsibility) to design your best life.

SOAR Youth Empowerment Program (SOAR-YEP)

Anita Russell, Founder & Program Manager


Greater Valley Community Services

Braddock Youth Project

Art in the Garden

Your True Strength » Who Are You?

In the summer of 2019 three youth organizations hosted a session of the SOAR Youth Empowerment Program Teen Workshop.

In this workshop teens experience the value of being their true self and choosing to live an authentic life based on positive self-image, identifying their strengths, connecting to others., and to their communithy.

Beyond the standalone components, SOAR Youth Empowerment is a part of a grand vision that includes a teen workshop, Your True Strength and an adult forum, A Community Conversation on Teen Mental Wellness.

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The grand vision includes a long-term plan made of four distinct phases:
Phase 1: Youth Workshop + Adult Community Conversations + Data Collection
Phase 2: Community-based Collective Leadership Framework Workshops+ Data Collections
Phase 3: Community-based collective leadership team
Phase 4: Design/develop community-based initiative/project

Teen Workshop
Your True Strength > Who Are You Becoming?
Name it. Claim it. Aim it. Discover your strengths. Learn the value of being your true self and connecting with others.

Adult Community Conversation
Teen Mental Wellness > Open forum discussion on the state of teen mental wellness. And what we plan to do about it as a community.

SOAR Youth Empowerment at Braddock Youth Project

It’s Finally Here!

I am elated to announce the SOAR Youth Empowerment Program (SOAR-YEP) is kicking off with the Your True Strength Workshop in Braddock. This specialized workshop takes teens on a quest to discover their true strengths. The workshop emphasizes specific leadership values—know yourself, positive self-image, daily growth and development, connecting to tohers, and adding value to others.

Many thanks to two community-based organizations for making it happen—Mr. Tacumba Turner, program coordinator for the Braddock Youth Project, and William Phifer, program coordinator for Greater Valley Community Services. The Your True Strength Workshop will be delivered to summer participants in the Braddock Youth Project and the summer interns at Greater Valley Community Services.

SOAR Youth Empowerment Program: Pledge to Defy the Lie

This is the rallying call of the SOAR Youth Empowerment Program (SOAR-YEP). We join the Community Healing Network (CHN) in building the movement for emotional emancipation across Pittsburgh communities.  We add to the long-needed infrastructure for healing within our communities. SOAR-YEP includes multiple events in multiple communities:

1. Teen Workshop – Your True Strength > Who Am I Becoming?
2. Community Conversation – Teen Mental Health & Wellness

Take the Pledge

I pledge to act to . . .

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“6 Keys” Podcast

Have you heard my podcast on 6 Keys to Nurture, Grow and Empower Your Life?

I created the toolkit as a means of becoming the person you aspire to be by examining the person that you are. The toolkit is built on a foundation of personal accountability and responsibility.

The first three tool reflect you inner life. You inner life is the seat of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. The second three tools reflect your interpersonal life – your words, actions and behaviors. This is the “you” that gets projected into your relationships and the world.

Select a Tool Below to Hear the Audio

Introduction to the SOAR On-PAR Toolkit
Welcome to the SOAR On-PAR Toolkit series introducing 6 Keys to Nurture, Grow and Empower Your Life. I’m your Change Cultivator and Im excited about helping you to cultivate change through daily growth and persona development.

Key #1 Know Yourself
Guides you through specific questions related to self-image, character, and influence.

Key #2 Nurture Your Life
Begins by challenging you to test your life choices to see if you live to survive or live to thrive. To thrive is to grow and develop vigorously.

Key #3 Integrate Your Life
Rather than looking at your life domains (e.g., spiritual, personal, relational, work and financial) as separate entities competing for time, energy, and money, consider a different approach where your life domains are connected, complementing one another as part of an integrated whole.​

Key #4 Connect with Others
Connection is about others and it goes way beyond words.
“Connecting is the ability to identify with people and relate to them in a way that increases your influence with them.” John C Maxwell

Key #5 Live Intentionally
Do you know what it means to walk a mile in another person’s shoes? Try it sometimes and see how it connects to your definition of significance.​ Part of living intentionally means acknowledging that everyone wants their life to matter. 

Key #6 Seize Opportunity
Stop and think about what your life would look like if you went into each day expecting to find opportunities. If you went into each day with an abundance mindset instead of a scarcity mindset.​

Putting It All Together
Take the first step to putting it all together with a Complimentary 30 Minute Coaching Session. Then commit to three critical actions to continuously improve your life, making each day better than the last.