Grow Fearlessly: 6 Keys to Nurture, Grow, and Empower Your Life

A Personal Impact Mastermind

“To SOAR is to grow fearlessly with vision, purpose, and action.” —Anita D Russell

More often than not life is messy business. There are many things that can hang us up—like limiting beliefs, disempowering self-knowledge, unleashed potential, or lack of intentionality.

The questions is this: If this applies to you, what do you plan to do about it? I’m here to champion you to disrupt limiting beliefs, empower self-knowledge, unleash true potential, and live intentionally.

A Transformational Journey Towards Antiracism

Join Anita Russell, change cultivator, speaker, and author, in this thought-provoking 8-week journey towards antiracism. Explore the social construct of race and racism (systemic, structural, institutional) through multiple lenses—history, lived and shared experiences, and transformational strategy in personal, business, and organizational domains.

Cultivating Change from Within

This mastermind program has been designed specifically (though, not exclusively) for a white audience to grasp the two different faces of life in America. The intent is to address the issue of systemic RACISM at a PERSONAL LEVEL. The program is geared towards in-depth conversations into the hearts, minds and beliefs of participants. Together participants embark upon a journey exploring ANTIRACISM as a transformational STRATEGY in their own personal and business lives. The program is delivered through a hybrid coaching experience using a mastermind format. Design and facilitation reflect my commitment to cultivating change from within for the purpose of unleashing human potential for the good of all.

“The only way to undo racism is to consistently identify and describe it—and then dismantle it.”

Professor Ibram X. Kendi, Historian & Author
How to Be an Antiracist
Stamped from the Beginning

I have been a board member for OMA Center for Mind, Body and Spirit for a few years. Recently I had the distinct pleasure of partnering with OMA to pilot this mastermind program. The participants included OMA board members, supporters, and friends. I am grateful for the journey! Check out the testimonials. Be sure to submit an inquiry to learn more.