Who is Anita D Russell?

“I describe myself as God-led, heart-felt and people-motivated.”

Faith. Trust. Belief.

I am a woman after God’s own heart. I have a deeply personal relationship with God. I learned to place my faith, trust and believe in Him at a very young age when I experienced a personal tragedy.

Life-long Learner

I am a creative business professional with a fluid career spanning multiple disciplines, including academics research, pharmaceutical R&D, web and learning design, learning and development, project/program management and leadership, and building collaborative teams.

My life purpose is investing in the growth and development of people and organizations in the spirit of stewardship and service. Learning is my passion!

Amazon #1 Bestseller

International Best Selling Author

Published Author

My second publication, Empower Your Life, is yet another anthology! I love collaborating with others to create a tapestry of stories that tell of victory over fear, resilience over adversity and limiting beliefs. Empower Your Life is an Amazon #1 Bestseller!

My first publication, Motherhood Dreams and Success: You Can Have It All, is an anthology full of inspiration and wisdom from a very diverse group of women from around the world. Participation in this project earned me the title of International Best Selling Author.


Executive Producer

I am the creator, executive producer and host of The Place to SOAR TV in partnership with Princeton Community TV. The Place to SOAR integrates life coaching and personal development through the sharing of life challenges, transitions, victories and setbacks. Our guests range from nonprofit leaders and entrepreneurs to pastors and authors. The show airs on Tuesdays at 10 AM and Sundays at 6:30 PM ET on PrincetonTV.org

Sometime late sprint to early summer, The Place to SOAR TV will begin broadcasting from Pittsburgh Community TV 21. I’m spreading my wings to SOAR higher!


As a social entrepreneur I travel for adventure, to learn and discover, and to make an impact. I am the owner of SOAR Travel Ministry and encourage others to join me in BIG travel to build community, inspire change and give back.