Endorsement by Church for Entrepreneurs

Get coaching to achieve your calling.

Anita Russell, founder of The Place to SOAR and the SOAR Coaching Academy, receives endorsement as a Life Coach by the Church for Entrepreneurs.

“We are a church without walls that equips believers across the world to succeed at their God-given entrepreneurial calling by teaching them the Word of God from an entrepreneurial perspective, providing them with godly counsel along their entrepreneurial journey, and praying for their success . . . We have endorsed a select group of Christian coaches to help you achieve all God has called you to achieve. ” Coaching with Anita


As a life coach, I stepped out and resdeigned my approach to change. As a result, good things are happening at The Place to SOAR and SOAR Coaching Academy! There are now two questions that I ask of people who request a free 30 minute consultation. First, what is your main reason for seeking a life coach? Second, how would you describe the difference between managing change and cultivating change? Because I ask these questions to get people thinking about change, they are more prepared for that initial consultation. For most people, making the decision to work with a life coach is a change in and of itself. So, how would you answer these questions? Drop a comment.