SOAR Youth Empowerment Program (SOAR-YEP)

Anita Russell, Founder & Program Manager


Greater Valley Community Services

Braddock Youth Project

Art in the Garden

Your True Strength » Who Are You?

In the summer of 2019 three youth organizations hosted a session of the SOAR Youth Empowerment Program Teen Workshop.

In this workshop teens experience the value of being their true self and choosing to live an authentic life based on positive self-image, identifying their strengths, connecting to others., and to their communithy.

Beyond the standalone components, SOAR Youth Empowerment is a part of a grand vision that includes a teen workshop, Your True Strength and an adult forum, A Community Conversation on Teen Mental Wellness.

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The grand vision includes a long-term plan made of four distinct phases:
Phase 1: Youth Workshop + Adult Community Conversations + Data Collection
Phase 2: Community-based Collective Leadership Framework Workshops+ Data Collections
Phase 3: Community-based collective leadership team
Phase 4: Design/develop community-based initiative/project

Teen Workshop
Your True Strength > Who Are You Becoming?
Name it. Claim it. Aim it. Discover your strengths. Learn the value of being your true self and connecting with others.

Adult Community Conversation
Teen Mental Wellness > Open forum discussion on the state of teen mental wellness. And what we plan to do about it as a community.