SOAR Youth Empowerment Program (SOAR-YEP)


Community College of Allegheny County

Greater Valley Community Services
Braddock Youth Project

Greater Valley Community Services | Braddock Youth Project
This coming July each organization is hosting a session of the
“Your True Strength” Teen Workshop.

SOAR-YEP is the youth arm of the SOAR Coaching Academy. The hallmark of the SOAR Youth Empowerment Program is its participation in the John Maxwell Team Global Youth Initiative (JMTGYI), which occurs twice a year in April and October. During the JMT-GYI, certified members of the John Maxwell Team host local JMT Global Youth Initiative events in their local community. Youth who attend these events are equipped, inspired, and empowered to have a positive self-image, respect themselves and others, to be a positive influence, and to fail forward toward success.

SOAR-YEP goes beyond the April and October timeframe by offering its program on an ongoing basis in collaboration with community-based organizations. Beyond the standalone components SOAR Youth Empowerment is a part of a grand vision that includes a teen workshop, Your True Strength and an adult forum, A Community Conversation on Teen Mental Wellness.

The grand vision includes a long-term plan made of four distinct phases:
Phase 1: Youth Workshop + Adult Community Conversations + Data Collection
Phase 2: Community-based Collective Leadership Framework Workshops+ Data Collections
Phase 3: Community-based collective leadership team
Phase 4: Design/develop community-based initiative/project

Your True Strength

Families and teens are invited to walk into a safe space reserved for prayer, motivation and inspiration.

Teen Workshop
Your True Strength > Who Am I? Who Am I Becoming?
Name it. Claim it. Aim it. Discover your strengths. Learn the value of being your true self and connecting with others.
Adult Community Conversation
Teen Mental Wellness > Open forum discussion on the state of teen mental wellness. And what we plan to do about it as a community.

Anita D Russell, M.Ed, JMT
Susan Evans, JMT 
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