SOAR Global Youth Initiative in Pittsburgh PA

APRIL 2019
SOAR Coaching Academy Hosting Global Youth Initiative in Pittsburgh PA

Today’s youth face many challenges – struggles with confidence, fear of failure, and bullying. However, as parents, teachers, and leaders, we can do something about it! You and your youth are invited to participate in a world-changing youth movement to empower kids to be the change they wish to see in the world!

Twice a year, in April and October, John Maxwell Team members from all over the world host Global Youth Initiative events in their local community. SOAR Coaching Academy has a *BIG vision for its Global Youth Initiative activities in Pittsburgh PA.

*Build Community | Inspire Change | Give Back

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4 Weekends | 4 Communities in April

Community Walk-in Prayer Night. Families and youth are invited to walk into a prayer space reserved for our youth. They need our prayer and we are coming together on their behalf.

Youth Leadership Workshop
Your True Strength > Discover your strengths. Learn the value of being your true self.
Adult Community Conversation
Youth Mental Health: Context Matters > Open forum discussion on the state of youth mental health.

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