Recent Endorsement by Church for Entrepreneurs

Get coaching to achieve your calling.

Anita D Russell, founder of The Place to SOAR and the SOAR Coaching Academy, was recently endorsed as a Life Coach by the Church for Entrepreneurs.

“We are a church without walls that equips believers across the world to succeed at their God-given entrepreneurial calling by teaching them the Word of God from an entrepreneurial perspective, providing them with godly counsel along their entrepreneurial journey, and praying for their success . . . We have endorsed a select group of Christian coaches to help you achieve all God has called you to achieve. ” Coaching with Anita

Message from Anita
As a life coach, I stepped out and resdeigned my approach to change. As a result, good things are happening at The Place to SOAR and SOAR Coaching Academy! There are now two questions that I ask of people who request a free 30 minute consultation. First, what is your main reason for seeking a life coach? Second, how would you describe the difference between managing change and cultivating change? Because I ask these questions to get people thinking about change, they are more prepared for that initial consultation. For most people, making the decision to work with a life coach is a change in and of itself. So, how would you answer these questions? Drop a comment.

Why I Use Appreciative Coaching in My Coaching Practice

Appreciative Coaching is one of three prongs that form the foundation of my coaching approach at SOAR Coaching Academy. The other two prongs are Strength-based Coaching and Living On-PAR (Personal Accountability and Responsibility) when designing your best life.

Are you ready for surprise and adventure as you delve in redesigning your life through coaching at the SOAR Coaching Academy? Watch as Sara introduces Appreciative Coaching.

Why I Use a Strength-based Approach in My Coaching Practice

Strengths-Based coaching is one of three prongs forming the foundation of my coaching approach at the SOAR Coaching Academy. The other two prongs are Appreciative Coaching and Living On-PAR (Personal Accountability and Responsibility) when redesigning your life.

“The path to unleash your mighty purpose is to play to your strengths. Become great at what you’re inherently good at. And use that strength to do good for yourself, your family, your work, your business, your community, your nation, and the world. That path starts by working with your coach to fully understand your CliftonStrengths and how to maximize them in all that you do.” Learn more on Gallup’s Called to Coach Video Series

Why I Emphasize Personal Accountability and Responsibility in My Approach to Coaching

If you work hard on your job, you can make a living. If you work hard on yourself, you can make a fortune.” —Jim Rohn

Living On-PAR (Personal Accountability and Responsibility) is one of three prongs forming the foundation of my coaching approach at SOAR Coaching Academy. The other two prongs are Appreciative Coaching and Strength-based Coaching.

I developed the SOAR On-PAR Toolkit, 6 Keys to Nurture, Grow and Empower Your Life, as a first step on the journey to lifelong growth and personal development. The toolkit is a means to examine six keys for asking specific, introspective questions to determine how you manage your gift of life.

Take the 6 Keys Quiz

Podcast: 6 Keys to Nurture, Grow and Empower Your Life


1. Know Yourself
2. Nurture Your Life
3. Integrate Your Life
4. Connect with Others
5. Live Intentionally
6. Seize Opportunity
7. Putting It All Together

SOAR Youth Empowerment Program (SOAR-YEP)


Community College of Allegheny County

Greater Valley Community Services
Braddock Youth Project

Greater Valley Community Services | Braddock Youth Project
This coming July each organization is hosting a session of the
“Your True Strength” Teen Workshop.

SOAR-YEP is the youth arm of the SOAR Coaching Academy. The hallmark of the SOAR Youth Empowerment Program is its participation in the John Maxwell Team Global Youth Initiative (JMTGYI), which occurs twice a year in April and October. During the JMT-GYI, certified members of the John Maxwell Team host local JMT Global Youth Initiative events in their local community. Youth who attend these events are equipped, inspired, and empowered to have a positive self-image, respect themselves and others, to be a positive influence, and to fail forward toward success.

SOAR-YEP goes beyond the April and October timeframe by offering its program on an ongoing basis in collaboration with community-based organizations. Beyond the standalone components SOAR Youth Empowerment is a part of a grand vision that includes a teen workshop, Your True Strength and an adult forum, A Community Conversation on Teen Mental Wellness.

The grand vision includes a long-term plan made of four distinct phases:
Phase 1: Youth Workshop + Adult Community Conversations + Data Collection
Phase 2: Community-based Collective Leadership Framework Workshops+ Data Collections
Phase 3: Community-based collective leadership team
Phase 4: Design/develop community-based initiative/project

Your True Strength

Families and teens are invited to walk into a safe space reserved for prayer, motivation and inspiration.

Teen Workshop
Your True Strength > Who Am I? Who Am I Becoming?
Name it. Claim it. Aim it. Discover your strengths. Learn the value of being your true self and connecting with others.
Adult Community Conversation
Teen Mental Wellness > Open forum discussion on the state of teen mental wellness. And what we plan to do about it as a community.

Anita D Russell, M.Ed, JMT
Susan Evans, JMT 
609-672-2925 |

SOAR Youth Empowerment Program: 2019 Pledge to Defy the Lie


This is the rallying call of the SOAR Youth Empowerment Program (SOAR-YEP) for 2019. We join the Community Healing Network (CHN) in building the movement for emotional emancipation across Pittsburgh communities.  We add to the long-needed infrastructure for healing within our communities.

SOAR-YEP is a series of three events in multiple communities:
1. Community gathering for prayer, inspiration and motivation
2. Teen Workshop – Your True Strength: Who Am I Becoming?
3. Community Conversation – Teen Mental Health & Wellness

Take the Pledge

I pledge to act to

1. Honor our ancestors and our children.
2. Defy the lie of Black inferiority.
3. Embrace the truth of Black humanity.
4. Emancipate my mind and my spirit.
5. Make “emotional healing” a priority.
6. Build the movement for emotional emancipation in my family and community.

Move beyond the pain of the blues to the sky blue of unlimited possibilities.”
Take the Pledge


Our forebears “made a way out of no way.” Their strength is my strength. I am a living legacy and a vital link between the Black community’s past and future. I will draw on the spiritual strength of our ancestors to help arm our children with the values, knowledge, skills, and mental attitude to excel. I will honor our ancestors and our children in all I do.

Black people have lived with the lie that we are less than human for much too long. I am not less than anyone. I will “Defy the Lie of Black Inferiority.”

Black is beauty, love, intelligence, a wealth of experience, knowledge, and goodness. I want to embody all of these qualities. I will “Embrace the Truth of Black Humanity.”

I want to be free of all the negativity and limitations of the lie. I want to be liberated to reach my fullest potential. I will join with my family and others in the Black community to do the work necessary to be psychologically and spiritually free.

I want to make emotional emancipation, healing, and wellness a personal, family, and community priority. I will celebrate Community Healing Days on the third weekend of every October. 

I want all Black people to be able to reach their fullest potential. I will help build the movement for the emotional emancipation of Black people for myself, my family, and my community.

I want to show my commitment to the movement. I will proudly answer Dr. Maya Angelou’s Call to Wear Sky Blue during Community Healing Days to show my determination to “move beyond the pain of the blues to the sky blue of unlimited possibilities!” SM

SOAR-YEP at Braddock Youth Project

It’s Finally Here!

I am elated to announce the SOAR Youth Empowerment Program (SOAR-YEP) is kicking off with the Your True Strength Workshop inn Braddock. This specialized workshop takes teens on a quest to discover their true strengths. The workshop emphasizes specific leadership values—know yourself, positive self-image, daily growth and development, connecting to tohers, and adding value to others.

Many thanks to two community-based organizations for making it happen—Mr. Tacumba Turner, program coordinator for the Braddock Youth Project, and William Phifer, program coordinator for Greater Valley Community Services. The Your True Strength Workshop will be delivered to summer participants in the Braddock Youth Project and the summer interns at Greater Valley Community Services.

“6 Keys” Podcast

Have you heard my podcast on 6 Keys to Nurture, Grow and Empower Your Life?

I created the toolkit as a means of becoming the person you aspire to be by examining the person that you are. The toolkit is built on a foundation of personal accountability and responsibility.

The first three tool reflect you inner life. You inner life is the seat of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. The second three tools reflect your interpersonal life – your words, actions and behaviors. This is the “you” that gets projected into your relationships and the world.

Select a Tool Below to Hear the Audio

Introduction to the SOAR On-PAR Toolkit
Welcome to the SOAR On-PAR Toolkit series introducing 6 Keys to Nurture, Grow and Empower Your Life. I’m your Change Cultivator and Im excited about helping you to cultivate change through daily growth and persona development.

Key #1 Know Yourself
Guides you through specific questions related to self-image, character, and influence.

Key #2 Nurture Your Life
Begins by challenging you to test your life choices to see if you live to survive or live to thrive. To thrive is to grow and develop vigorously.

Key #3 Integrate Your Life
Rather than looking at your life domains (e.g., spiritual, personal, relational, work and financial) as separate entities competing for time, energy, and money, consider a different approach where your life domains are connected, complementing one another as part of an integrated whole.​

Key #4 Connect with Others
Connection is about others and it goes way beyond words.
“Connecting is the ability to identify with people and relate to them in a way that increases your influence with them.” John C Maxwell

Key #5 Live Intentionally
Do you know what it means to walk a mile in another person’s shoes? Try it sometimes and see how it connects to your definition of significance.​ Part of living intentionally means acknowledging that everyone wants their life to matter. 

Key #6 Seize Opportunity
Stop and think about what your life would look like if you went into each day expecting to find opportunities. If you went into each day with an abundance mindset instead of a scarcity mindset.​

Putting It All Together
Take the first step to putting it all together with a Complimentary 30 Minute Coaching Session. Then commit to three critical actions to continuously improve your life, making each day better than the last.