Anita Russell: Your Change Cultivator

Life Coach | Change Cultivator | Global Business Connector | Speaker | Author

I am your change cultivator. I live to cultivate change through daily growth and personal development for the purpose of unleashing your potential. 
I help business owners, professionals, solopreneurs, and authors, just like you. Whether you are looking to grow yourself or grow your business, I can help. Not sure where to start? Let’s talk.
—Anita Russell, MEd, CP

Anita is an amazing coach. I thought it would be for business. However, she was able to tap in what I needed for personal development. As a business owner I am dealing with all aspects of my life, relationship with God, family, business, and relationships. I shared with her about regaining my time. How I was able to enjoy me alone. Through her awesome coaching and workbook I am truly a better me. The connection was great!

Deidre, President & CEO

Thank you very much. I am using all the resources you have given me. I will use this one as well. Thank you again for all your wisdom. I thank God for placing you in my life. Have a blessed day.”